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East Valley Echoes Club Dues

Effective February 12th, 2014


New members pay the following initial, one-time payment based on the month they join:

Quarter Month of Joining New Member Fee Membership Dues
Total payable to pay Toastmasters International Dues For New Members (Not previously a member of TI)   First Club Dues Billed Afterward
$20.00 Note: Not applicable for dual members and previous members who already have received the Toastmasters new member packet.
$22.50 $42.50 "+" $16.50
Feb $15.00 $35.00 "+" $11.00
Mar $7.50 $27.50 "+" $5.50
Apr $45.00 $65.00 "+" $33.00
May $37.50 $57.50 "+" $27.50
June $30.00 $50.00 "+" $22.00
Jul $22.50 $42.50 "+" $16.50
Aug $15.00 $35.00 "+" $11.00
Sept $7.50 $27.50 "+" $5.50
Oct $45.00 $65.00 "+" $33.00
Nov $37.50 $57.50 "+" $27.50
Dec $30.00 $50.00 "+" $22.00


New members will be billed the "TOTAL" payment upon completion of their Membership Application. This one-time "TOTAL" payment is the same payment as written in the Membership Application (Fee #1 and #2 on the application).


The one-time "First Club Dues" will be billed the month after joining. This will pay for the rest of the months of the quarter. After this quarter, new members will begin paying regular dues (see below).


Example: A new member joins in March. The new member will submit the Membership Application and will pay $27.50. The new member will be billed the First Club Dues ($39.00) in April for Quarter 2. The new member will then pay regular dues for Quarter 3 in June like all other members.

* * *

Regular dues are paid at the end of each quarter for the next quarter and are as follows:


$39.00 per quarter ($13.00/month)



Club dues cover Toastmasters International semiannual payments of $45 per member as well as club expenses for meeting room rental, account fees, supplies, and other expenses.


Dues may be paid via cash, check, or online (PayPal: payment@echoestoastmasters.org).


Feel free to contact the treasurer if you have any questions.

Updated 3-17-2015

[1] Inactive member dues are $27.00 ($9.00/month). Contact the treasurer if you would like more information.


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